Aug 13, 2006

When your day starts with Coconut Rice....

For the record, everyday, or 99% of everydays I wake up around 5:30am because Maddie and Morgan's body clocks are programmed for that time.

If I lay very still and barely breathe they think I am still sleeping and will move around a bit and wait for me to open my eyes. As soon as my eyes are open they are ready to kiss me good morning and fight for who can get closest to my face. So I get up in a hurry.

Yesterday after the "going outside" and "eating breakfast routine" for Maddie and Morgan and after getting the cappuccino machine started, I made coconut rice. It was around 6:30am. I knew as I stood over the stove stirring in the coconut milk and waiting for the liquid to start boiling so I could then turn the fire down to simmer, that it was going to be a great day.

Coconut rice is an emotional food for me. It takes me back to my Grandma Chichi's finca and the wonderful, amazing, delicous meals we used to have there, every Sunday.

My Grandma Chichi made coconut rice the old fashioned way: split two coconuts, remove the white, juicy, wet coconut meat from the shell,and grate. Once grated she poured two or three cups of boiling water on the coconut, waited till the water cooled and then squeezed the coconut until all the water turned milky thick. In essence she was making her own coconut milk, there were never any canned products like that in her house. I make the rice with canned coconut milk and even though it tastes great, the flavor and the aroma dont come close to the old fashioned way of making the rice.

My Grandma used to serve her coconut rice with roast pork or a meat dish in Panama called LOMO, and regardless of which she served, beef or pork, there was always "salsita" to go with the meat, and to drizzle on top of your rice and enjoy.

I am having the coconut rice today with beef tenderloin cooked in salsa verde. It is an easy recipe, and if you like salsa verde, it is wonderful. It definitely will wake up your taste buds, get your tongue dancing.