Aug 27, 2006

Sundays at Linda Vista When I Was Young

Yes, I loved them, the Sunday outings at Linda Vista.
Lunch served on white and blue tablecloths, I counted
the flowers on my end, and guessed at the shape of clouds on hers.

The water glasses poured early. The ice always melted,
the water warm, mini pools would form at each glass,
our fingers swam and made splashes on the table.

The lunch buffet, Grandma’s trophy. Our communion: roast pork,
coconut rice and the sweetest baked plantains, pillows of gold.
We never had to eat salad, there was always dessert.

We sat at the far end of the terrace, overlooking green hills,
tall, commanding trees, a few horses and a chocolate pond.
Grandpa said an alligator lived there. We never saw him,

only the fish Grandpa stocked so the alligator could eat
and we could fish. We never did fish, we preferred riding horses,
climbing trees and diving for coins at the deep end of the pool.

by E. Arosemena