Aug 1, 2006

Last Week Time Magazine Ran a Cover Story ...

On siblings...... The article discussed in detail the impact that siblings have on forming you as a person. It wasn't the age old birth order discussion, but what about siblings makes you who are and are not.

I have been blessed: fate, God, the stars, destiny, all those factors and forces combined, placed me into an amazing group of brothers and sisters: Ana Maria, Rogelio Augusto, Carlos Antonio and Tobias Pedro. I am the middle child, Elena Maria.

Most of you know that our dear Mom died shy of her 46 birthday, we were all quite young, Ana 18, Toby, 8. This tragic event in our lives could have weakened our bond as siblings. Mom's death had the complete opposite effect, her absence drew us closer and closer. We still take family vacations togther.

Ana my oldest sister is amazing, she reminds me so much of my MOM. She is elegant, charming, a wonderful planner, host, and very very creative. She loves flowers like my Mom did, and she is very stylish like my MOM was. Ana is married to Parker Bradley and they live in CA.

Roger, my older brother who lives in Panama, of all my brothers and sisters, reminds me most of my DAD. He has a heart of GOLD, and the patience of a saint. He is kind, compassionate, fun, and most awe inspiring of all, he is the best father in the world to his children, JoAnn and little Roger.

Carlos, my younger brother who lives in Atlanta is the chef in the family. He is also my business counselor and the one in the family who will tell you straight like it is, he does not mince words. Carlos is married to Michele and they have two amazing dogs, Wesley and Savannah. He makes the most delicious Panini sandwiches, actually everything he cooks is wonderful.

the baby, the youngest is my surfing brother. He loves the outdoors, he loves to raise orchids, BBQ and have a good time. If everyone in the world was happy like Toby, there would be no conflicts, no fighting, just more beer and perfect waves. Toby is handsome and single and lives in Southern Ca.

Wonderful siblings I figure come from wonderful parents. I can't tell you the warmth I feel in my heart, mind and soul for being the daughter of Rogelio and JoAnn Arosemena. Both type A people for sure, a surgeon and a surgical nurse, a Panamanian and a Gringa, both with such vast and wide differences in their lives, but they made that part of the beauty and charm of their geniune love and admiration for each other.