Aug 5, 2006

COM, Vietnamese Grill Restaurant

Last night I ventured to COM, a Vietnamese or Indochine cuisine restaurant and the food was so good I have to tell you about it. Really I want to tell you how much I love to eat, and how food is an emotional part of my life, thanks to all the great cooks and eating traditions in our family, YES, starting with Grandma Chichi.

But back to last night. I had the MUST HAVE Papaya, Mango, Apple Salad with Grilled Chicken. They use a mandolin and present a mound of supper thin slices of the three friuts mentioned, they garnish with some greens, I think like cilantro, but it is not cilantro, then add thin samll slices of the grilled chicken. All of this is then drizzled with some incredible clear liquid sauce that is almost worth swimming in. It is tangy, sweet and sour all at the same time and LIGHT. The salad is amazing, healthy, crunchy, with several flavors and tangs competing and celebrating your tongues attention. If you come to Atlanta and you are so inclined we can try the Must Have Papaya Salad at COM.

With the salad I had grape leaves rolls, (like spring rolls) with pork. This is hard to describe other than it was delicious. Again light, not fried, and the flavors real, present, on parade.

For the entree I went with Caramelized Salmon served with rice and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. The salmon was grilled and presented in a dish that was pooled with a reddish, brown sauce that was D E L I C I O U S.....I kept dipping my salmon bites in the sauce and making sure my rice was drenched in the mysterious, provocative, sauce. Ofcourse I asked what made the sauce so tasty, and I got back the "we put many spices in the broth", but what spices I dont know. And I loved the presentation of the cucumbers and tomatoes, they sliced the vegies in such a way and presented them on the plate to look like a sail fish, it was very cool. Ofcourse I will try to duplicate this at home.

I am going to look for that sauce recipe. I already googled Indochine Recipes and did not get back too many links on the internet, it will be one of my recipe quests.

You can check out COM at

Buen Provecho ~