Jul 5, 2006

Female Groupers.... Georgia Aquarium

Yesterday I went to the Georgia Aquarium, an amazing facility we have here in Atlanta, thanks to the generosity of Bernie Marcus, one of the Home Depot founders.

During a visit to their main exhibit, the 5 million gallon tank that holds 4 whale sharks, and a host of other fish life, totaling thousands and thousands of fish in the same tank, the Aquarium host shared with the audience that dominant female groupers can change their sex from female to male, if for any reason, the male grouper in their particular neighborhood in the sea dies, or runs away, or gets eaten by a larger fish. This particular detail in the grouper species provides a safety net that keeps them reproducing and reproducing. There happened to be four large groupers in the tank yesterday swimming front and center, and this fact was shared with the audience.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Georgia Aquarium, you must go. It is a must see.