Jul 15, 2006

Dreams after Thai Chicken Pasta

Yesterday, like the last 5 yesterdays has been hot in Atlanta. Hot like a sauna, the air thick, wet.

I had Thai Chicken Pasta last night, (dinner out with friends). I am sure it is the trigger of my dream from last night.

I was on a bus with a tour group, I dont know where we were or where we were headed. I remember everyone had on polyester pants, blue ones and beige ones. And everyone had on the old fashioned type canvas sneakers, no logos, no fancy laces, or designs, just plain canvas sneakers, again all colors.

I remembered the bus stopped;l we all got down to get a snack and a man who spoke Spanish was selling homemade empanadas out of a cardboard box. He had the food covered with a faded orange towel, trying to keep it warm.

Where is a cold Coca Cola when you need one ?