Jun 15, 2006

The Republic of Panama

I am going to Panama on Saturday to visit family and friends and work on some projects I have in the hopper. I will be doing daily or every other day updates about Panama, sights, sounds, food, and maybe some new poems. Stop by and say hello.

I am excited I will get to see my niece and nephew, little Roger, 10 amd JoAnn, 14, the loves of my life. I will also be meeting with Ernesto Endara to finalize work on the Spanish translation of my thesis. I am going to submit my poetry collection, La Casa de los Sabados, to the Ricardo Miro National Literary Contest which has been going on in Panama since 1942. The contest is judged by foreign authors, poets from Central and South America and there is a prize of $15,000. Entries are due by June 30th and the winning selections in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, theatre, and short story are announced in October of this year. I know it is a long shot, at the same time, you never know.

I will post some of my thesis poems on the site while I am in Panama.