Jun 27, 2006

Thanks to the Wright Brothers.....

Today in a matter of three hours, I flew from Panama City in Panama to Atlanta, Ga. It almost took longer to clear customs and get my bags and take the Marta home, than the entire flight time from PTY TO ATL.

Delta now flies a 757 to Panama daily, and it has cut about 20 minutes from the 727 flying time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. The plane full like always, lots of gringos visiting Panama, several retirees where on board coming back to visit family and friends, and always the young backpacker, adventurer types.

I am glad to be home, I missed Maddie and Morgan. They were so happy to see me, they licked my face for about 10 minutes when I got home. They are so cute, I have to post a picture of them on the site. I will also post pixs of JoAnn and Rogelin in action.

I am so glad I have the Panama connection. It is wonderful to have the experience of another country, city, culture, foods, customs, traditions. Our family was blessed while we lived there, we made life long friends, it is always nice to go back and see them, along with family.

I have been home for two days, Atlanta is hot, hot, hot. Every day we have had weather in the 90 degree range, with thick humidity. The girls Maddie and Morgan get thier walks very very early and very very late.