Jun 23, 2006

Panama, Friday

Today I am going to Santiago de Veraguas with my brother, Roger. I will spend the weekend with his family, Isabel, his wife, little Roger IV, and JoAnn. They are now 10 and 14 years old and beautiful and bright and full of love. We will leave Panama City around 1pm and it takes 3 hours by car to get there. Tonight we are going to see the Cars movie, today it premiers all over Panama and ofcourse little Roger wants to see it.

Yesterday Hugo Chaves made all the news and headlines in Panama. He arrived early in the morning, went to see Martin Torrijos, the Panamanian president, then went to the Nacional Assembly and gave an almost 2 hour speech, then to the University. All the streets in Panama were closed for Chavez traffic, it was that kind of day. There was discussion about Chavez wanting Panama to build a refinery for oil from Venezuela to be refined here and then sold to Central American countries and also countries in the Caribean. He mentioned his usual anti-American sentiments in his speech.

I did errands with Roger almost all day. I made sure to get my usual supply of Cafe Duran nto take back to Atlanta. Last night we took Tichi and Albalyra and Uncle Ruben out to dinner to Gauchos to celebrate Tichi's birthday a bit early. Her birthday is next week on June 30th.

To my cousin Danny, I will be rooting for Argentina on Saturday. Mexico plays Argentina in the FIFA World Cup. Will see who is better. Most everyone in Panama is rooting for Brazil.