Jun 25, 2006

Panama, Domingo

Estoy en Santiago de Veraguas, donde vive mi hermano Rogelio..... oops I guess I better write this in English.

Today I am in Santiago with Roger, Isa, JoAnn and Rogelin and Geoffrey the dog. I already walked with my brother, early. Had coffee and now we are going to have a leisure day.

Yesterday we went to Playa Bonita, a 2 hour car ride away and played in the sand and ocean for about 2 hours. It was very nice. This beach was close to Playa Venado, one of the surfing beaches in Panama. We went by there and saw a large group of gringos surfing. The waves were eight to ten feet.

Danny, I am sorry that Mexico lost yesterday. There will now be a mini world cup final between Germany and Argentina, that game I am going to watch for sure. I think I have World Cup fever.

I am supposed to go back to Panama City tomorrow on the bus and then back to ATL on Tuesday on the early Delta flight.

Ciao for now.