Jun 20, 2006

Panama City, Tuesday

Today I can explain the humidity. I got the visual from my brother in law, Parker. The sensation is like being in the middle of a low country boil that has finished boiling and has just been spread out, ready to eat. When the shrimp and the corn and the potatoes are all still steaming, that is what I felt yesterday.

Today the day started overcast, much cooler. In a few minutes I am on my way to Tia Laura and Tio Eduardo de Alba's house for lunch. Their children all have lunch with their parents everyday during the week. They are a very close family, also customary for these types of family get togethers all over Panama. It is part of their culture. Tio Eduardo is a retired doctor who worked with my DAD in the early days when they both were at the Gorgas Hospital in the Canal Zone. All of the De Alba family are lovely lovely people.

For dinner tonight I am going to Pasta night at the Union Club with Tichi and Albalyra. Should be delicious and so much fun. Tichi and Albalyra are the ladies I went to Buenos Aires with last year, they are so much fun. Tichi was married to my DAD, Albalyra is a dear friend of hers.

Tomorrow I have some errands to do, family stuff, poetry stuff, shopping for my 2o lbs of Cafe Duran. I should really be in the Cafe Duran import business. Everytime I bring the bags back to Atlanta, the customs agent smile.... Cafe Duran again.... yes yes.

Yesterday I talked to my 10 year old nephew, little Roger, who I will see on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and he is counting down the days till I get to Santiago. He wanted to know if next time I could bring Morgan and Maddie. He also told me that now that he is 10, he is old enough to travel with me to Atlanta. He is such a sweet, smart, adorable child.

Ok, more later, hasta luego.