Jun 19, 2006

Panama City, Monday

Today I got up at 6:30am and walked for about 45 minutes, it was hot, hot, hot. The humidity I can't explain. Just imagine every square inch of skin on your body being wet. Not sweaty wet, but a thin film of hot moisture. We had a great big rain shower for the past 2 hours and it has cooled the day off, thank God.

Most everyone in Panama is following the FIFA World Cup, most Panamanians are rooting for Brazil. Yesterday was also Fathers Day here in Panama, lots of celebrations, lunches, people taking care of thier favorite Dads.

I spent several hours yesterday finalizing the translation of my thesis, The House of Saturdays, or La Casa De Los Sabados. Poetry in spanish is such a wonderful experience, the language, the sounds, the progression of a line or stanza into the next, thick, sometimes fluid like a small backyard creek, sure of its course however delicate the current.

Once I am done with this project I am going to begin working on my Grandma Arosemena stories. I have a few written, I will have to post.