Jun 21, 2006

Hugo Chavez and Hail in Panama, Wednesday

Me and Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, must have the same travel planner.

 Last time I was here, he was visiting Panama. And everytime he is here there is opposition, and articles in the papers for days. This time the big buzz is all the pre-visit security to ensure that he is "out of danger" while he is here. What I hear from the people I talk to is that Hugo Chavez is afraid for his life, and thinks that in Panama, somehow is under greater danger. He is here to celebrate the 180 year anniversary of the Congreso Anfictionico. At the same time all the opposition leaders here in Panama claim there is a hidden agenda, an different movite for his visit to Panama.

Yesterday there was hail in Panama. Lots of hail as part of a severe, severe thunder storm, some called it a hurracaine. I was in a part of the city where the rain was copious, but I did not experience any of the violent weather.

The world cup continues. Angelina Jolie was on CNN last night, people keep getting killed in Iraq, that is about all I know. I have not watched TV since I got here, I get my tiny bit of news when CNN downlaods on my PC when I sign onto my browser.

Roger, my brother is on his way to Panama City. He lives in Santiago de Veraguas, about 3 hours away by car. I have a date at 6am tomorrow with him for an hour walk. I am looking foward to seeing him.

I have been working, working, working, to finalize all the translations of my MFA thesis/manuscript. I have had fun working on the poems in Spanish, I am for now, DONE.

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I have to win the lottery...... then I can get a floor in the Panama Trump Ocean Club tower and a house on Isla Viveros......